Hooking up Jekyll to Facebook Instant Articles

Run a Jekyll site? Want to get into the whole Facebook Instant Articles Action?


Install Jekyll Last Modified Plugin


Install jekyll-last-modified-at gem by adding it onto your Gemfile or installing it into your system-wide gem.

$ gem install jekyll-last-modified-at

In your Jekyll site’s _config.yml file:

# Add this under gems
  - jekyll-last-modified-at

Write your special RSS feed

In /path/to/jekyll/feed/instant-articles.xml, copy the following snippet into it.


Now when you access http://jekyll-site/feed/instant-articles.xml, your feed will always return the latest modified posts at the top of the feed. This is so that whenever you make a change to your articles, Facebook who will ingest your articles using this RSS feed will be able to propagate your article updates.

New articles will always be at the top so don’t worry!

You can find more links on Facebook’s Instant Articles over at my recent blog post