Change your Vim Colorscheme

Step 1: Install the awesome vim-colorschemes

If you’re using vim + vundle like me:

" add to .vimrc
Plugin 'flazz/vim-colorschemes'

Step 2: Choose your colorscheme

There’s a pretty cool site that aggregates most of the available colorschemes on github and previews them for you. You can check them out at

Step 3: Install your colorscheme

Most colorschemes are pretty easy to install. To get you started, you can clone flazz/vim-colorschemes and just copy the colors/*.vim into your ~/.vim/colors.

If you do a simple ls -all on the newly copied ~/.vim/colors, you should see something like:


This tells you what colorschemes are available for you to use.

Step 4: Use it!

In my case, I’ve chose to install the awesome CandyPaper color scheme by first copying its colors/CandyPaper.vim into my ~/.vim/colors/.

Then, all I need to do is in my vim, run:

:colo CandyPaper

And I’m all set!

Remember to add this in your .vimrc

set t_Co=256
colo CandyPaper