JFDIN - We Made it onto HN Frontpage #1

So yesterday, Sung and I decided to ‘launch’ our one-day hackathon Pomodoro Timer project onto HN.

To be honest, I was pretty skeptical that we’d even more than 10 points, and perhaps 1 or 2 comments. To my surprise, not only we managed to go past the 50 points mark, we also hit the frontpage and was hovering around #1 for a really short period of time.

What is the project about? Essentially, it was just something we decided to hack one day after feeling really lethargic and needing something new to distract us and keep us refreshed again.

Sung, Sean and myself worked together over a 7 hour period to do up the design, code it, add a copy to it, deploy it onto AWS EC2, and ship it.

We’re probably going to spend the day later catching up on the feedback we received and hopefully build out something really cool in v2. In a way, it also allowed us to practice the LEAN methodology and send out a MVP and iterate from there.

Moral of the story, just launch things. You will probably be surprised at the results.