Singapore Traffic Android Application (Alpha) Released!

After hacking around the Android SDK for sometime to work on a project for class, I’ve decided to try and do something relatively quick and easy that made use of the Project Nimbus dataset just to go through the whole development cycle from development to publishing on the Google Android Market.

I present to you, Singapore Traffic.

A simple one Activity Android application that tells you where are the road hotspots around the island as well as where the road congestions are. From the map you can easily identify which roads and areas are jammed up (red color pins indicate slow traffic, black indicate average traffic, orange indicates accidents/roadworks etc.).

You can grab it right now at

The application currently works across all Android platforms (1.5 to 2.2)

I’d love to hear your comments and how you’d like to see it be improved.

Upcoming features in mind:

  • Text-based alerts for road incidents/road speeds around you
  • Dashboard that displays expressway speed, incidents and real-time camera views
  • Passenger alert system, where users can alert other motorists about incidents/jams/warnings