3D Printing and my Alma Mater - Singapore Polytechnic

Last week, I had the opportunity to drop by my Alma Mater where I’ve spent 3
years of my post-secondary school education picking up Electronics, Computer and
Communication Engineering.

Its been a good 9 years since graduating and so much have changed. The buildings
that I remember are mostly renovated (and is still renovating) and the entire
campus is full of little construction sites, both demolition and construction.

I was in Singapore Polytechnic, not out of randomness but to exhibit
Fabbox a cloud-based total 3D Printing solution that my cousin
and his friends started. All of us, being formerly Singapore Polytechnic
students, thought that the first place that we exhibit should be in our old

We were invited to exhibit as part of the Singapore Polytechnic Engineering Show
2014 and played host to many industry players from the manufacturing sector to
our booth.

So much may have changed physically, but the engineering spirit of its students
is still just as vibrant as 12 years ago when I first stepped in.