Black Coffee #0008

Today’s Black Coffee is on Governance.

Myanmar Should Not Seek to Recreate Singapore’s Policies

““That made me think … what is the purpose of a workforce … of work … of
material wealth? Is that the ultimate aim of human beings, is that what we all
want? In a sense, I want to probe more into successes of Singapore and to find
out what we can achieve beyond that.”
Ms Suu Kyi said that while “material achievement” is necessary for the Myanmar
people so they can be “free from want”, they had survived many years of
oppression with values such as love for each other, loyalty and spirituality.
“So there were many things that helped us to survive that had little to do with
material achievement,” she said.”

The Draw of Blue Collar Jobs in Taiwan -

“After factoring in inflation, Taiwan’s real wages were lower than the level
they were at 16 years ago. That is especially disappointing to people who spent
money and time to get a higher education. And many white collar workers are not
paid by the hour; they have to get their work done no matter how long it takes,
with no overtime pay.

These factors are leading more young people to ignore their parents’ hopes for
them to have a cushy desk job in an air conditioned office, and re-evaluate what
career happiness means.

Local media have recently reported about people with high education doing manual
labour, including a PhD holder who sold fried chicken for a living. And there is
a wave of young Taiwanese going to Australia to earn high wages in orchards or
sheep farms. Others scrape together savings or loans from their parents to open
beachside eateries - opting for surfer trunks instead of a suit and tie.”