Back on Jekyll - Heres an awesome templating system

I’m back on Jekyll! This time, I’ve decided to forgo Jekyll-bootstrap and just
go all natural (plain).

Just wanted to shoutout this post by David
who shared with us
his Jekyll blogging workflow which I found really useful.

Previously, on Jekyll Bootstrap, one has access
to a wide variety of rake tasks to help create and write new posts.

On plain vanilla, there isn’t any.

David’s implementation of a custom rake task seems to be the most easy to use
and customizable one out there for me.

1. Create a Rakefile in your Jekyll Root

You can view his Rakefile

2. Create a post template in /_posts/yyyy-mm-dd-template.markdown

You can use the
template he has provided as a starting point.

3. Rake away!

$ rake post['Blam!']

4. You should see a nice looking new post in your /_posts/ directory