Sketch Draft: Could Karmic Rebirths bend like Space-Time?

According to theorists, We know that space and time wrap around itself and that it MAY possible to go back in time (through mechanisms like wormholes etc…). After all, we’re all just energy and molecules.

At the same time, we hear stories about how Karma tend to flow forwards. A good deed done today, will perhaps be sowed in the future in a different life.

Assuming that the Buddhist concept of rebirth is true, what if, when you die, you don’t actually get reborn in a time in the future, but actually in the past. Your your son, could technically be reborn as your father and your relationship with each other, could be connected through the karma seeds sown in ‘your future son’.

Your son could be paying his debts to you as his father, by being reborn as your father. Hence creating a cycle and circle of connectedness, or Karma.