The Death of Rails.

The other day, a friend brought up an example about how it is so easy to hire Ruby/Rails developers from India at $10/hour.

This scared me. One of the reasons why I got into Ruby and subsequently Rails is because of the community. Because it was small, tightknit and it takes a whole lot of effort to understand the designing principles and philosophy of Ruby on Rails. This translated to developers designing their applications with the mindset of quality over quantity.

For me, talking to a Ruby/Rails developer, no matter at which stage of their career or skill, was always a treat. Because it takes a certain type of person to pick up the language.

When a friend tells me how easy it is to hire Indian developers for a ridiculously low price, how could I not get worried.

I left the PHP community because it was so difficult to freelance there. Every freelancer is racing to the bottom.

“I can get your work done for $10/hr.”
“I can get it done in $8/hr.”
“Pick me, I’ll do it for $2/hr.”

The language to the credit of the documentation maintainers, was so easy to pick up.

When Jeff Atwood said, “Ruby