Shanghai - Day 1

Day 1

Landed in Pudong at about 5am. After moving our stuff all over to my friend’s place who generously offered to host us at his place, we started our little touristy tour around the place.

The following few posts are just a simple journal of places I’ve been to within the city.

East Nanjing Road

Address: Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, 黄浦区上海市 China

East Nanjing Road is an old shopping district popular with tourists. East Nanjing Road used to be known as just Nanjing Road, which had been heavily referenced to by period films set in the popular 1930s-1950s era.

Nowadays, you can find lots of shopping malls littered along the road and it is a must go (even if you don’t shop), just so that you can tell people you’ve been to Nanjing Road.

The Bund or locally known as 外滩.

One of the other must go tourist attractions of Shanghai. Overlooking the Huangpu River, the Bund is a long stretch of riverside walk littered with a wide diversity of architecture. From the colonial City Hall like buildings to the famous Oriental Pearl Tower across the river.

Visit this place at night and you’ll have a spectacular view. Its a pity that during the days I was over there, the place was foggy and I couldn’t get any decent photographs.

You can get here easily from East Nanjing Road, just keep walking east and you’ll see the Bund at the end.

M50/50 Moganshan Road

Address: 莫干山路50, Putuo, Shanghai, China

If you’re into art, you should drop by 50 Moganshan Road. Its a long stretch of road which leads to what formerly were abandoned warehouses and factories. Since the early 2000s, artistes have taken over the space and filled it with galleries showcasing some of China’s bests. There’s even a cafe there.

Charmant Taiwanese Restaurant

My friend who hosted us in Shanghai, brought us to this place for dinner. Located in a pretty upclass area, this Taiwanese Restaurant serves a decent meal. The prices are certainly by no means cheap, but its not expensive either. Expect to spend about SGD$20 per person for a decent amount of dishes.

Do try their Fried Taro Rolls (Yam Paste).

Timeout Shanghai

French Concession

I stayed here during my trip. Full of cafes, international schools and European-style buildings.

To get a feel of the place, do visit the following roads:

Huahuai Middle Road, Anfu Road, Yongfu Road, Wulumuqi Middle Road, Hengshan Road.