Stock Screening Template

So there’s this sudden realization that I had been too focused over the past 1
year on consuming information, technology, news and that I hadn’t been
contributing and producing anything really new to the world.

Today, I’m releasing a little excel spreadsheet that I had been using for quite
a number of years now to track my investment and stocks.

Now, you can obviously use it across the different markets, but this current
was designed with the Singapore Exchange (SGX) in mind.

The concepts the same. I’m a believer of Warren Buffet’s Fundamental Analysis
(FA) and I believe that investments are for the long term.

I hate to trade short-term stocks because it always gets me on the edge of my
seat. You’d always be looking at the stock tickers thinking and hoping that it
would go up and not down. That creates a lot of unnecessary stress in the
already stressful environment here in Singapore.

So instead, I’ve opted for a more cautious and long-term methodology. I look at
the stock prices, the company’s previous performances and also observe the
industry trends before making my decision.

This spreadsheet, helps me to keep track of the first part and acts as a
checklist for me to decide whether or not I should even consider a particular
company to purchase shares of.

I hope its helpful and like always, its released under the Creative Commons 3.0
Attribution Non-Commercial
, so feel free to
work on it, and I really hope you would release your own improvements and share
it with the rest of the world.

Ping me at @davidchua if you have any questions
or comments regarding the sheet.