SG MP Absentee 12th Parliament As of 13 August Stats

Top 5 absent MPs:
Mr Lee Kuan Yew with 17
Mr Mah Bow Tan with 14
Associate Professor Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim with 8
Dr Teo Ho Pin with 8
Mr Raymond Lim Siang Keat with 7

Top 5 wards with highest number of absentees:
Tanjong Pagar with 29
Tampines with 28
East Coast with 22
West Coast with 15
Nee Soon with 12

As usual, the source code which you can grab at the link above, is open-sourced under the MIT license, so please feel free to play with it, edit and send a pull-request

You can also grab the sqlite3 database with the scrapped data over here and play with it to your heart's content. The data is released under the <a href=">Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License</a>

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of a computerized and automatic processing, there may be some inaccurancies in the data collected, although as far as I know it, the initial parsing doesn't seem to output any errors/discrepancy. If you've found something wrong, please contact me so that I can fix it.

Known error: On the 19 October 2011 Sitting, Minister Yaacob Ibrahim (MK)'s absentee record was not added into the database due to a formatting error.