Tip: Pow/Powder for RVM > 1.10.x

If you’re using RVM now, its highly likely that your RVM is of version 1.10.x
and above.

Now if you’re planning on using Pow and
Powder, two really excellent
tools for OSX rails application deployment organization, you’re gonna need to do
something extra first before you can get it to work. What’s the problem you may

You’re probably going to see this error when you try and load your powdered app
for the very first time.

  LoadError: no such file to load -- bundler/setup

So how do we get ourselves out of this crisis?

In the /currentproj directory which you have already powdered, you will need to

> rvm env -- [ruby]@[gemset] > .powenv


> rvm env -- 1.9.3 > .powenv

This would create a pow environment file that pow will load when initializing so
that bundler and your rvm environment will be passed onto it.