That We May Dream Again - Post-event Thoughts

Just got back from “That We May Dream
, a commemorative event for the 25th
anniversary of the arrests of the alleged ‘Marxist Conspirators’ under the ISA.

I am heartened to see so many families bringing their kids a long to hear the
speeches. One generation ago, Singaporeans were silenced into political apathy
partly because of what happened that evening on 21 May

Today, I think Singapore had woken up to a new and refreshed state of politics
where its civil societies are slowly regaining its voice and its opposition political parties are starting to attract credible
and strong candidates not afraid to step forward.

Barring any intervention by the government to curb its political growth, in
another generation in the year 2037, we should see a Singapore where the ideals
of the previous generation, equality, freedom and compassion, would be manifested in the Singaporean ethos.