The Perils of Freelancing

Being a freelancer for the past 8 months had been one of the most exciting and
simultaneously scary thing that have happened to me in a long time.

Even though I have been running my own small businesses since 2003, they have
always been done under the safety and comfort of being a student and having some
form of backup safety net that is my parents. I always knew that if something
went wrong with the business, I’d still have enough money to eat and could
always start again in the future. The only penalty? I’d have money for

Today, it is slightly different. I have financial obligations, parents to support, bills
to pay and student loans to return. And all this while living in the cloud of
unstability (of income). It is a little un-nerving. Not knowing when the next
paycheck is coming or when my client is going to fire me, makes making financial
commitments that much more difficult.

There’s always this lingering thought as a freelancer that I’m not making enough
money and that maybe tomorrow, just tomorrow, I’ll have to resort to eating
bread and water for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I know that its not necessarily true, but its going to take a while to break out
of that psychological frame of mind and this is the irony of freelancing. While
it is supposed to free you to allow you more time to work on things that you
enjoy, it also shackles you with the burden of making more money with what ever
‘free time’ that you have.

This journey is going to be a long and I better get used to it.