Email: A Retrospective

A friend of mine shared a screenshot of an email he wrote back in 2007 in a
private WhatsApp conversation which got me interested to search back my own
personal archives for the emails that I’ve used to send when I was much younger.

Luckily for me, I’ve been using GMail since it was still in beta and has never
had the habit of deleting my emails. Searching through my sent emails through
the years, I stumbled upon a couple of emails I’ve used to send to a private
mailing lists and various other people back in 2005.

Its hilarious (at least to me) reading my writing style back then as well as my opinions
on local current affairs. Comparing my views and actions then and now, so much
has changed. You know the saying that you get mellow as you age, it appears that
it may actually be true.

I was so much of an idealistic young 20-year-old, fresh into army, boy. I had
great dreams, serious opinions on politics and I seemed to be on the verge of
being totally disillusioned.

I don’t know if this change is necessarily a good thing but its refreshing to
essentially ‘see’ 2005 me. Its also a little bit weird. 2005 was so long ago
that it feels like I didn’t really write the things that I wrote.

But anyway, the question for you guys is, what is the biggest change that you’ve
noticed about yourself from emails you sent out as long as you have kept records

Write your interesting comments below!