We're lucky

Looking at all the types of cases that our Members of Parliament receive on a daily basis and the
hardships that their residents have gone through, it certainly puts things into
perspective about how lucky many of us really are.

If you’re reading this, you probably already have a roof over your head,
electricity powering your computer or device, clean and ample water supply to drink from and
proper sanitation to relieve your self on.

But many others are not so lucky like you and I. No matter how tough the day
was at work for us, it will eventually end and when it does, we would be able to go home, take a
nice shower, and sleep on a nice bed.

Instead of relaxing in comfort after work, they have many other worries on their mind; Where are they going to shower? Where would they be able to sleep without rodents, rats or even the police harassing them?

So there’s no reason for any of us privileged few to complain about how tough
our lives are. There are many others out there leading tougher lives and are
still fighting to survive.

Let us be their helping hand and help them out however we can. Buy food for the
homeless, give tips to the cardboard aunty who goes around trash-bins collecting
cardboards and aluminium cans. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen.

Give back to society for it has given us so many.