Visual Stimuli

I listen to a lot of music. I love discovering new stuff from random soundcloud surfing or even youtube channel jumping. I love reading music forums and blogs who cover obscure bands whom I'd probably would have never have heard of being stuck here on a tropical island center of the equator.

But I'm starting to realize that there's one commonality among the music that I listen to frequently; Their MV has to be are just visually appealing and different.

Take the Japanese duo, m-flo's track "All I want is you" for an example.

I don't generally listen to J-pop/J-electronica, but if there's one thing the Japanese producers have done right, is that their music videos always have some kind of weird and intrigue to it.

Like why are the protagonists dressed in such bright colors? Why did the directors choose to use the split-screen effect? What does the lyrics have to do with what's happening on the screen? Why does the beats sound so catchy?

And that's the right kind of magic for me to catch my attention and subsequently my listening ear.

Maybe that is why I am able to listen across multiple genres. From retro-60s, pop-rock, pop, post-rock, shoegazer, ambient, ambient electronica, drum and bass, turntablism, house, deep house, progressive house, trance, indie rock, acoustic rock, mandarin pop, japanese pop, japanese electronica, chinese indie, instrumental rock etc.

So the next time you want to get my musical attention, make a catchy video. I'd remember it and listen to it even though it may not necessary be my usual music genre choice.

Here, have a post-rock Nyan Cat. Its on me.