On Jekyll

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You’re reading this on a newly
deployed Jekyll instance!

What a year it has been for the site. I’ve moved from a US-based VPS over to a
Singapore EC2 instance and now I’ve moved from Wordpress over to a more simpler
(and maybe even more tedious) Jekyll.

I’ve gotten quite sick of fighting malware on Wordpress and the constant need to
update the application and so I’ve decided to check out Jekyll, a static-site
generator that is popular with lots of developers due to its simple
markdown/HTML process.

The fact that I can have my entire site backed up in a git-repository and deploy
with a simple git-push, is also a plus point :)

The site is still hosted on EC2 so you will not see any changes in the speed.
Instead because the site is essentially just pure HTML, you may even experience
a speed up!

If you’re planning to start a Jekyll site, give Jekyll Bootstrap a try, they
made my life so much easier.

Because the entire site is static, the only way Jekyll could accept comments is
through the use of DISQUS (scroll down). But hey, its good enough for me!