Chinese Netizens abuzz with democratic hope

The Taiwanese elections may be over, but Gothamist LLC’s still manages to pick up a couple of interesting Weibo (China’s Twitter) reaction from Mainland China.

If it's at all possible to assign scores for democracy, then today's Taiwan is probably a lot more democratic than many of the more established democracies of the world. These people are like you and I -- yellow skinned, brown-eyed, speak Mandarin, and eat Chinese food. Those people that think democracy is not suitable for the Chinese people can now shut up. Those people that say democracy is not possible because the Chinese people are not well-educated enough, or that China is too unique for it, can now shut up. Those people that are still going on about how socialism is superior -- please, either go to North Korea for a taste of real socialism, or shut up. 如果民主可以分度数,那么今日台湾要比许多老牌民主国家更民主,这些人和你我一样,黄皮肤,黑眼睛,讲中文,吃中餐,那些认为民主不适合中国人的,可以闭嘴了;那些以素质论、国情论来否定民主的,可以闭嘴了;那些仍在坚持社会主义优越性之说的,要么去朝鲜体验一下真正的社会主义,要么可以闭嘴了。

Some of those ‘tweets’ (seriously, what do you call Weibo updates) seem indicate some sort of dreaming about how a democratic China would look like. This reminds me of the interview I saw over the TV on Channel News Asia, where a local Taiwanese said she was encouraged with the improvements in Cross-straits ties under Ma Ying-Jeou (KMT), and that it is good for Taiwan to get closer to China. She continues, “That way we can show China what democracy is about and hopefully change them.”

I guess she may be onto something.