Video Selection from 28c3

28c3 (The 28th Chaos Communication Congress)

My video picks from 28c3:

These are some of my picks which are selected to be as comprehensive and interesting without being overly technical. If you have a slight interest in computing and politics, these should be very interesting to you.

The coming war on general computation (must watch)
Cory Doctorow: The coming war on general computation The copyright war was just the beginning

Keynote - Marriage from Hell
Evgeny Morozov: Marriage from Hell On the Secret Love Affair Between Dictators and Western Technology Companies

Reporters Without Border: From Press Freedom to the Freedom of information
This talk is about: Information freedom and the issues for the citizens

Data-mining the Israeli Census
Yuval Adam: Data Mining the Israeli Census Insights into a publicly available registry

Resilience Towards Leaking or Why Julian Assange Might Be Wrong After All
Kay Hamacher: Resilience Towards Leaking or Why Julian Assange Might Be Wrong After All. An historical look at the philosophy behind Wikileaks

Changing techno-optimists by shaking up the bureaucrats
Meet the Netherlands: a nation filled with techno-optimists protecting our freedom by puting in place restrictions on what you can do, reducing our privacy and have technology as a solution for anything and everything. When you make a trip we store your details for two years, your airplane meal selection from two years earlier is good data to test with and when migrating the government website we keep the old website running in an unmaintained state. If you have nothing to hide nothing can go wrong and there is nothing you can do. Well not quite.

Interesting Shorter clips (less than 10 min each):
Dead Drops

Project “Memopol”
Memopol is an art project that maps person’s personal information sphere. Wishes to work with German ID-card.

Hacking a Train’s intercom

Wished I could watch (non-English):

Politik hacken

Piraten im AGH von Berlin
A short story about the Pirate Party Berlin entering the parliament of Berlin and what we want to do with our data

For more videos, head on over to the 28c3 youtube channel.