Hands of Time

When we were young, we used to see ourselves and the people around us as almost immortals. Life to us seems almost never-ending. Everyone will remain healthy for all of time. Our parents especially. After all, they are so strong! Strong people don’t get sick or become weak.

Sickness? What sickness?

Who dies anyway?

As we get older, we find ourselves looking at the world in a different angle. Sickness, cancer and death seems to be all around us. We watched as our grandparents pass on and we say to ourselves, “well they are old”.

But little did we realize, as we grow older, our parents grow older too. And shockingly, they are no longer as strong as we thought they were to be. At first, it comes as a shock.

“What happened to their armor of immortality?”

Then, it suddenly all makes sense.

Our parents are now the grandparents.
We are now the parents.