Top 5 absent MPs:
Mr Lee Kuan Yew with 55
Dr Balaji Sadasivan with 43
Prof. Thio Li-ann with 38
Dr Ahmad Mohd Magad with 28
Dr Loo Choon Yong with 28

Top 5 wards with highest number of absentees:
Nominated Member with 170
Ang Mo Kio with 97
Tanjong Pagar with 90
Pasir Ris-punggol with 84
Aljunied with 75

Commentary: Interesting to note that the top 5 wards (excluding NMPs) which has the highest absentee rates are considered to be the ‘safe wards’ of the 11th Parliament. I wonder if there’s any correlation between having the sense of security (from losing the ward) and absentee rates.

As usual, here is the attendance database for the 11th Parliament in SQLite format. (172 KB)

The database is released under the CC 3.0 license, so please feel free to manipulate and share the database.

The source code is released under the MIT License so you are also free to make use of the code for your own projects. But please let me know what cool stuff you’re working on :)

I also encourage you guys to fork the project on github and make your own changes and improvements to the script. Please send me a pull request so that we can keep this going.

If you’re curious, the next version of the script will:

Edit: Some people have asked me how does this script work. In very layman terms, this script is the equivalent of asking lots of interns to download each individual votes and proceedings document from the Parliament website to then look in it for the ‘ABSENT’ section and then add the names and wards of the Members who were absent that day into a shared database. The only difference is, instead of spending money on hiring interns, I ‘slave’ my cpu cycles to do the job for me.