What a weird start to the morning.

I headed down to Yakun for a really quick breakfast and what I witnessed almost turned me upside down.

Now, Chinese nationals working in Singapore is no longer an uncommon sight in most eateries but today I saw a Chinese national actually teaching a local middle-aged lady how to cook an egg and how to key in transactions into the Point of Sales System. A longer observation made me realize that the Chinese man making coffee is actually the manager of this particular branch and all the other staff working with him are all locals.

After I’ve gotten my coffee and found a place to park myself for a bit, I looked around and found a young Singaporean male in T-shirt and Berms chatting with a smartly dressed (business wear and tie) young Caucasian man.

Maybe its personal biasness, but at that moment, I didn’t think much of it as it is pretty common for Caucasian managers to hold their interviews in coffee establishments. It was only after unintentionally listening into their prolonged conversation did it hit me. It was actually the reverse. The unkempt Singaporean guy in his T-shirts, bermudas and flip-flops was actually the interviewer.

What a weird morning.