Prime Cut - Reasonably Priced Steak

Located just along Kovan Road in Simon Plaza, a lesser known shopping complex just behind Kovan Melody, Prime Cut serves a mean steak at a reasonable price.

The bistro is pretty quiet on a Monday afternoon and is a good place to go if you’re looking for a nice chill out place to makan. Their steak goes from $13 all the way to $25+ and if you topup another $4.90, you get a pretty decent meal that consists of the Soup of the Day, Coffee/Tea, Smoked Duck and Dessert (which in my case is a plate of yummy oranges).

I had the 200g Ribeye Steak for only $20.

Pretty good deal I’d say. I’m definitely looking forward to hanging out there more often.

2 Kovan Road, Simon Plaza
#01-11 Singapore (548008)