Tony Hsieh (Zappos) - Delivering Happiness

So I was just reading Tony Hsieh’s book, “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose” somewhere in between chapter 2 “You Win Some You Lose Some” where Tony was describing his post-college years, having gotten a job at Oracle when it suddenly felt a little bit too familiar to me.

Tony was describing how he has just gotten a prestigious job at Oracle where he was paid a lot of money for a fresh graduate but suddenly decided to leave the company after a very short period of time in it, to start a small web company with his friend.

The way he describes his thought process of how he wants to create the perfect scenario to break the news to his boss, his failed attempts to talk to his boss due to nervousness and finally his sudden impulse to get it over and done with despite abandoning the idea (of resignation) for another day.

It was just too fun to read. All through the chapter, I can hear the back of my head going, “Yeah! Yeah! I know how that feels like!”. It was like someone hit the playback button of your life except this time, someone else is playing you.

Obviously I’m not trying to say I’m anything like Tony. Far from it. I don’t know if I’ll ever be as successful as him but its just fun to be able to read the experience of someone who shared the same situation.

I must say, the book so far has been pretty good. Tony’s writing style is very personal and easy to read, and you really do get sucked into his life’s story.

Alright, back to the book.