Gosh, its really been a while since I’ve last posted here.

Been pretty occupied lately with my brand new $79 KINDLE! :)

It was shipped via VPOSTUSA’s forwarding service and arrived here early last week.

First impressions, the Kindle is really light. Its lighter than the Kindle 3 (Keyboard) by almost 200g. I was originally was skeptical about all the rave reviews about how good the e-ink screen was but when I actually saw it in person, I was blown away.

The reviews were pretty much spot-on. The screen is easy on the eyes which makes reading on the device for long hours not a problem at all.

I’ve been spending the past week trying to find free ebooks (you can check out Project Gutenberg, they have a great resource of public domain books) as well as adding Kindle books on Amazon onto my wishlist.

For Singaporean buyers, to buy ebooks directly from Amazon, its not as straightforward at it seems. Jeff over at Jeff’s Blog have a pretty good writeup on how to get your Kindle as well as purchase ebooks.