Notes from Israel (Part III)

In 2009 as part of SMU's Technology Study Mission (TSM), my peers and I left for a 10 day trip to Israel to study their VC/Startup industry to figure out how we can replicate their success as a Startup Nation here in Singapore. We spoke to government officials, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs during the trip. The following posts in this series are my verbatim account from notes taken during the trip.
Why Israelis working overseas always want to come back to Israel (to eventually start a business)?
  - Emotions
  - Patriotism
  - Pride
  - History

Singaporeans on the other hand feel like we have no sense of ownership to their own country.

  - Government loans $400,000 to incubators
  - Risk-Free
  - Incubators must match $100-200k
  - If the Incubator succeed, loans are to be returned. If they fail, they don't
     need to pay back.
  - To the government, it is a form of 'social profit'

Picking Companies to Invest (VC Perspective)
   1. Shortlist idea (have to be an idea that is in a domain that you're familar with)
   2. Market Analysis (Find the pain points)
   3. Look at who's in the team