Notes from Israel (Part II)

In 2009 as part of SMU's Technology Study Mission (TSM), my peers and I left for a 10 day trip to Israel to study their VC/Startup industry to figure out how we can replicate their success as a Startup Nation here in Singapore. We spoke to government officials, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs during the trip. The following posts in this series are my verbatim account from notes taken during the trip.
Vertex Venture Capital
  1. Linked to Temasek
  2. Logo similar to Singapore Technologies because they were closely linked
  3. Israeli companies usually relocate a founder to a new geographical market instead of re-hiring as 
      founders have the emotional fortitude to stay during hard times.
  4. To build a global hi-tech country
       - Immigrants
       - Culture and Innovation
       - Highly educated
  5. Like a looped circle:
      Capital Availability -> Talented Professionals -> Support Infrastructure -> Capital Availability