Notes from Israel (Part I)

In 2009 as part of SMU's Technology Study Mission (TSM), my peers and I left for a 10 day trip to Israel to study their VC/Startup industry to figure out how we can replicate their success as a Startup Nation here in Singapore. We spoke to government officials, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs during the trip. The following posts in this series are my verbatim account from notes taken during the trip.
  1. Knows how to assimilate the experience of soldiers into entrepreneur economy
  2. self-resilience (ethos to survive)
  3. Resource-lack (no oil)
  4. Think Global!
      Singapore has same labour fource as Israel
  5. Israel selects the best students (exam) before they enlist to join R&D units
  6. Singapore needs to learn to encourage innovators to start their own business. 
      Singaporeans need to learn to take the risk.
  7. Israel has strong government support
          - Incubators
          - Heznek (Government matches foreign funds)
  8. Israelis like to argue and ask why? <- flat hierarchy