Love Da Pop

Come across this company called “Love Da Pop” while watching the 9th season of Dragons’ Den UK.

Love the concept, love the idea. Love the style and branding. From their fashion style during their pitch, to the simplistic packaging of their popcorn and even their webpage design, they’ve managed to make a simple popcorn product look really quite appealing. At one point, they also made mention about how their brand could become like Ben & Jerry’s who also took a traditional product (ice cream) and made it into a branding success.

Halfway through their pitch it was revealed that they work for Saatchi and Saatchi (the Advertising Agency) which probably figures based on their detail to style.

If you haven’t noticed the video on top by now, the trio has managed to get a $70,000 investment from the Dragons.

This is why sometimes its not necessary about the best technological product, but rather the entire image of that product that can make or break it.