Git Diff (OSX) giving ESC[color errors

ESC[1m+++ b/.vimrcESC[m
ESC[[email protected]@ -1,12 +1,10 @@ESC[m
set path=~/codebase/builder-testESC[m
ESC[31m-set numberESC[m
ESC[31m-set background=darkESC[m
ESC[31m-colorscheme slateESC[m

After reading a couple of blogs, it turns out that I was using ‘more’ as my core pager in my global .gitconfig instead of ‘less’.

All I needed to do is to change from:

[email protected]:~/codebase/config-files(master)> vim .gitconfig 

  pager = more


[email protected]:~/codebase/config-files(master)> vim .gitconfig 

  pager = less

I’ve been storing my global .gitconfig on github, so if you’re interested to find out how it looks like just head on over to my github :)