Today is the beginning of the rest of your life

I’ve did it. I’ve pulled the trigger. The bullet has left the barrel but time has slowed down to the point that it is still to early to tell if its going through my head or its whizzing past it.

I’ve traded my berms and slippers for a suit and today, I’ve traded it back. I’ve decided to leave a job that many would kill for. A job that to put it bluntly would pay me enough to at least a comfortable living even in today’s expensive Singapore environment. I’ve fought countless applicants to get to where I am, only to exchange it for a future that is certainly very uncertain.

I’m going to work on my startup, full-time, outside of a cubicle.

Today was my last day with the firm and as my manager was breaking the news to my colleagues in a emergency meeting, I felt a sense of guilt that I was leaving them when I haven’t even contribute much. I couldn’t fully look everyone in the eye. I was feeling guilty and embarrassed. It feels like I was cop-ing out. To my surprise, as I was explaining why I was leaving, everyone was not only supportive but very encouraging. They felt geninuingly confident that I would make it out on my own and it was heartwarming. After all, today also marks the end of all those sleepless nights thinking through this decision very seriously, and not only I was finally feeling unburdened but their well wishes helped me feel much more confident about myself.

I cannot let them down now. Not anymore. This is no longer a side project that I’d do while studying. It is going to be my livelihood. It is going to be how I’ll contribute back to the family expenses. To put it in a slightly offbeat way, now The Internet Is Serious Business. I have to succeed. The path is going to be rough and risky, I may fall and fail, but I’m certainly not going to give up trying.

After all, when most of our forefathers came from all over Asia to Singapore in the 18th and 19th century, they started their own businesses. Their own provisional shops, their makeshift food stalls, their money exchanges, their trading companies. They took a risk, they slogged hard, some businesses failed, but the people survived and kept on surviving. We are the testament of their achievements. So why should I feel afraid? With a little bit of heart, I’m sure everyone can make it.

Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.