CyberpioneerTV did the first episode for their new web series, “I’m a Soldier, Sailor, Airman”, featuring the vocation of Dedicated Crew Chief. Something that for me was very little familiar.

I was a Dedicated Crew Chief during my NS days, although for a different aircraft type. Watching the video brings back a lot of memories. The early morning aircraft launches, the hitching of rides from any car that passes by you at the Base gate (even if its the Base Commander’s ride), the ‘hydraulic’ mee (nicknamed because of the amount of oil that comes with it), the countless ‘sai kangs’ and of course the “Peace Outs” (till today, I have no idea if its ‘peace’ or ‘piss’).

While like most full-time National Serviceman then, we may complain about how much a waste of time each day really is, when we look back on those days, we can’t help but feel proud that we’ve contributed back to the nation in some way no matter how small or insignificant it may seem back then.