Nicole Seah, a positive inspiration for the opposition movement?

  • Articulate, Smart, Young
  • Increased viral aspect (facebook likes 10k+ likes, video of interview with razor, down to earth, and firm belief of herself - read her handling of the KNNBCCB twitter status in razor)
  • Friends who are politically apathetic, now coming up to support her.
  • This interest generated could shatter the perception to apathetic youths that politics is for old people. It can also open up their minds to finding out more about the opposition parties and the platforms that they stand for.

Net-wise, while most of us will say its the better of the youth (TPL vs NS) and is essentially close to gutter politics, the positive reprecutions cannot be underestimated and as such I believe this will help increase the visibility of opposition politics whether or not the opposition as a whole get more representation or not. Its for the long term.