Civic Life: Tiong Bahru

Just received my copy of Civic Life: Tiong Bahru, a film by ___ and ___ supported by the British Council.

  • Narrative Style
  • Mostly seems a little bit amateurish (acting) but for some wrapped reason, it feels authentic because of that very same reason. Its about life in Singapore and about these normal Singaporeans.

It almost feels like the director have purposely not edited out moments where it feels like acting etc. just to make a point to remind the viewers that these are normal Singaporeans who live in the area.

There was a segment where a primary school going kid was narrating her homework (which I assume is her mandarin composition or 听写 which is more commonly known to us Singaporean students) and I

The storyline and plot may be at most of the time very monotonous.
I thought the film was very good with its beautiful film chereography of the surrounding ‘civil spaces’.

The highlight from the DVD is actually watching the 20 winners of the Civic Life: Where my Heart Is film competition where normal people narrate and shoot their own civic space.