Was out with some fellow Hougang Constituency Committee members and Lions’ Club volunteers to give out welfare packs for needy residents in the Hougang area today.

Looking at the elderly queuing up infront of the desk to register for the food packets is quite heart-wrenching. To see old uncles and aunties in their 80s and 90s standing infront hoping to get the basic necessities (rice, sugar, bread, instant packet beverages, biscuits, canned food etc) because their children either doesn’t want to support them or they are childless, alone and sick, can be quite depressing.

How is it that in ‘propserous’ Singapore, we still have people not able to have enough money to buy the very basic necessities for survival, is beyond me. I am really thankful that we have generous and charitable volunteers who continue to dedicate their time and energy daily to ensure that the poor and needy are not left behind. Without whom, Singapore would be a dark and even depressing place to live in.

Why isn’t the government doing more for the generation that built this nation to what it is today, instead of pushing all the responsibility to volunteer organizations?