Are you addicted to stress?

Stress I think I may be. At least according to this article by that came into my feed this morning.

According to the article, you may be an addict if you answered yes to the following questions:

1. Do you tune out during conversations thinking about other things?

  1. Do you feel rushed wherever you are because you feel that you ought to be completing the next task somewhere else?

  2. Do you feel uncomfortable, worried, and nervous in your mind or body when you don’t have something you must absolutely do right now?</em>

That sounds exactly like me. Close friends of mine would often hear me saying that I feel really bored and uncomfortable not having anything to do and till today, I would always thought that I was just wired to feel busy all the time coincidentally also due to the fact that I belong to the Chinese Zodiac of the Ox, which is said to be destined for a life of work.

Now if only the article goes about to give examples of concrete small steps to take to learn to let go, that would be much more useful.