Came back from a good dinner with the paGn/pixel.junkies/FRRO crew. Michael Feng, Lester Chan, Hari Dass, Benjamin Eng and me.

Its really great to see everyone doing well in their respective careers. It feels like it was not so long ago that our paths crossed and became friends. Looking back, its quite amazing that we managed to stay in contact with each other despite our common organizations we were involved in being winded up.

Lester’s now almost 2 years into his job over at Mig33. Benjamin, still a couple of months in but managed to get a decent 11% increment in his salary.

Michael moved on to work for Vodien hosting, our competitor during our time in FRRO, but I’m not bitter or anything. I’ve left that industry a long time ago so it doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I’m pretty happy for him to be able to do what he likes and get paid for it.

Hari Dass said he has just left his job at IAH Gaming today and will probably be taking a break before starting to find job again. I hope he’ll find a good job the next time round.

I wonder what the next few years is going to bring us.