Faces of China: The Graduates

Just thought I share this short documentary by Al-Jazeera English, on their “Faces of China” program that follows two fresh Chinese graduates in their search for a job and their experiences in their very first job. The story revolves around “Li”, a budding journalist who wants to get into the media industry but has trouble not only securing a job but finding one that is able to pay decently to cover her debts and rent, and “Feng”, a fresh graduate who took up a job in teaching because it was something that became available to him.

You’ll be able to view a snapshot of Chinese society today, as the country surges ahead in its quest of economic development. The film provides us, the viewer, a glimpse into Feng and Li’s thoughts and worries as they step into the working world as the next generation of leaders. The more you listen to them and their way of thinking, the more you’ll realize that we’re not so different after all.

After all, all everyone want to do is to find a good stable job, settle down and live a fulfilling and happy life, isn’t it.