Create authlogic apps on Rails 3.x easily

Sometime ago, I’ve created a authlogic rails application template to help me create from scratch a rails 3.x app with authentication.

This template would generate the necessary models and migration files to get you running in just a few steps. I’ve created this because of an itch. I hate the process of creating a rails application, installing the authlogic gem, editing the various files. While its relatively simple, it gets annoying when you have to do the same steps many times manually. So I hope this template will help others whom have had the same experience before.

Caveat: Right now, the current template defaults to use email-only login authentication for your users.

The code is released under the MIT license, so please fork and make your own modifications. All I ask is that you let me know, so that I can check you out :)

To find out more about the template, do check out the README over at its github page.