04/02/11 - CNY

Just like that, the first two days of Chinese New Year is over. Visiting relatives this year wasn’t that bad although I noticed that most of us cousins nowadays have nothing much to say to each other.

Perhaps its because we’re not as close as we used to be when we were younger, or we basically just grew up and have different interests now. It was nice though to catch up with uncles, aunts, cousins and nephew/nieces. Everyone seem to have quite abit of changes in their lives since one year ago. Every year as time flies, I get reminded how old I’m getting to be and that its probably about time to find a companion to settle down.

I also heard news that Jeremiah, my cousin from my dad side, is getting married and will be holding their customary wedding dinner sometime in September. Crazy stuff! Jeremiah and I spent a good deal of our childhood playing together over at our late paternal grandparents house at Ang Mo Kio, and now he’s all grown up and getting married and all. Not to mention he’s only a year older than me.

Time really does fly. As much as I admire seeing friends, and relatives finding their true love and partner in life, I cannot imagine myself in that position. Maybe its because I do not really foresee myself getting a girlfriend anytime soon. Maybe love is not really the thing for me. I find it extremely hard to court a girl (probably due to remenants of my low self-esteem) and even if I can do so, its hard to find the right one to settle down with. I’m not getting any younger. Although if anything, Derek is now 31 years old and still single (he broke off with his girlfriend sometime ago). I guess I’m still considered not too bad.