Had a pretty weird dream last night.

I dreamt that I was with Clarrissa, a groupmate of mine during my Leadership and Team Building module in Year 1, and we were on the MRT and she suddenly held my hand.

I reciprocated and I asked her, “So what does this mean?” and told her I’ll call her tonight. In my dream, that gave me a really warm feeling.

As we were walking out of the MRT station, our hands still together, we found ourselves at a MRT gantry that for some reason is for couples only. There’s a card reader on each side of the gantry and we need to tap out at the same time for the door to let us through. Think of it like a double-key authentication for nuclear launch.

That was pretty much when I woke up. Now I thought this dream was really strange considering that Clarissa and I have never really spoken for years until a few weeks back when we bumped into each other at CEO class.

Clarissa stays near me at Serangoon Garden and I remember running into her (without her noticing me) as I was jogging around the estate.

She’s quite the girly-girl and yet still emits a strong image which is quite a sight considering that most girls in Singapore are mostly at the extremes. Either a girly princess type, or a super careerwoman who wants to do things her way.