The Dalai Lama Chanting with Thai Monks

Came across this video while looking for some relaxing buddhist chants to focus on my tasks at hand.

Pretty beautiful stuff, watching two different paths of buddhism come together in unity. This is them chanting the Heart Sutra in Pali. The Daiai Lama comes from the Mahayana Tradition of Buddhism while the Thai monks come from the Theravada Tradition. Both are slightly different from one another, but yet similar in many other ways.

ps: I do not understand Pali, so I’m not really sure if that’s actually the Heart Sutra that is being chanted. From my understanding, the Theravada Traditions do not recite or recognize the Heart Sutra as part of its scriptures.

pps: While we’re on the topic of traditions, here’s a brief list of the differences between the two main traditions.