Phrases we grew up as kids, how do they work?

Copy cat, kiss the rat Go home let your mother slap Mother say nevermind Father say go and die

Some of us probably sung this when we were young, but have you ever wondered where or how did it originate from?

What really intrigues me is how is it that almost every kid in Singapore who grew up around the same period of time not only know the exact lyrics but also share other common childish limericks.

We’re talking about pre-internet era. How is it that a kid in say Jurong West Primary School can say “Kancheong Spider” and another kid at the other end of Singapore, say in Pasir Ris, knows exactly what it means?

How did these new words and phrases get created and spread all across the country without the use of mass communicating tools like the Internet. I don’t suppose kids would call up one another on the phone and just randomly blurt out “ABC, Giam Chye Cha Loti!”

Or at least, I don’t remember doing that in the early 90s :P