Sunday. Missed my WP public outreach today. Yesterday, I’ve asked Sweebee if I was going to be allocated to help with the Ang Pao Giveaway at Hougang or am I going to go to our regular Hammer outreach. At first, I thought I was going to the ang pao giveaway because in her previous e-mail sometime back, I was supposed to be the photographer.

This morning, I woke up and didn’t feel like going to Hammer. I don’t know if its because I’m abit lazy, or is it because deep down in my subconcious, I do not feel appreciated in the party. Lately, I’ve been starting to feel like the party and my views are more and more divergent and different. For example, the party’s stand on minimum wage is disappointing. I’d expected that we would be more daring and different.

Reform Party have been looking really attractive lately.

Look at Adrianna (Popagandhi):


These are the kind of people I’d get inspired by and would like to mix around with.

But here comes the dilemma. I can’t just leave the party because I hold an office position. Not only that, if I do leave, I will be seen as a party-hopper and someone who just comes and goes as and when he likes. I personally think that the Opposition movement needs to have some discipline. If I leave, its only going to dampen the image of the opposition and make me feel like someone who cannot commit.

WP is not all that bad. I think Mr Low and Sylvia’s conservative approach has worked to some extent in attracting the PAP crowd over to our side. We’re moderate, safe and conventional. Which also means that we’re boring. I have utmost respect for both of my leaders. They are disciplined, unwavering and are very big picture oriented. Mr Low’s the typical strict but loving Father, while Sylvia is the nuturing mother. The party also does not have an image problem and it seems like the leadership wants to continue building the party’s organization structure for the long-term, rather than looking at the short-term of winning the next election. Which is really noble.

And I think I can mix better with Mr Low and Sylvia than Kenneth Jeyaratnam. To me he comes across as a pretty cold person, but perhaps its because he’s still green and wet behind the ears when it comes to grassroots and politics canvassing.

What worries me is that it will be difficult to attract new and fresh blood. People who can really make a difference and not continue the status quo.

I really hope I can change the mentality and mindset, although its going to be very difficult.