The Year 2010 in Retrospect

2010 was a pretty interesting year for me both in terms of personal achievements and experiences.

Since Jan 2010, I’ve:

  • Joined a political party and got elected into its Youth Wing's Executive Committee.
  • Became the webmaster for Hougang Constituency Committee, a grassroots organization for the Hougang area under the Workers' Party.
  • Made many new friends while doing party-related work. Residents and Party Members. They've been inspirational!
  • Co-founded a startup with two other friends and hired four amazing interns from Singapore and Norway. (Jaryl, Siewhui, Martin and Øyvind, you guys rock! I've learnt so much from you guys)
  • Became an uncle once again with the birth of my nephew, Edward.
  • Purchased a 2nd-hand car from a friend using money raised from my consulting work.
  • Secured a job at an investment bank with a semester to go before graduation.
  • Launched two android apps onto the Android Market ([email protected] and [email protected])

With the new year already here, what will this year bring?