My opinions on The Social Network

Just watched The Social Network. as a disclaimer, these personal opinions of mine are formed based on the narrative of the movie and not reality.

First things first. The ambient industrial soundtrack is amazing. Kudos Trent Rezor. It really adds to the atmosphere.

Secondly, __ just feels obnoxious. I heard stories about how Mark.

Thirdly, watching Edwardo Sarvin getting screwed by Mark after his contributions as a co-founder is deeply unsettling for me. He wasn’t being kept updated on the daily on-goings of the company. (ie. Sean Parker getting more and more control and influence of the company, the investments, and even the various things). He was allocated 30% of the company when it was first ‘The Facebook’ and he invested the first set of money which without it, Facebook wouldn’t even get to the point of today.

Zuckerberg and his legal team (together with the influence of Sean Parker) created a legal structure that caused Edwardo’s ownership in the company to be diluted in the event of future events.

Pretty douchebag move to screw a co-founder who put in work at the start (and we all know that the start is the hardest part of any project),

As a geek, it seems contrary that I’d be supporting the business guy, after all it isn’t always that you see the geek win over a ‘suit’.

By the end of the show, I’m rooting for Edwardo and the Winklevoss brothers, the business people. The guys who did not make the technology, over the geek. (Whom both received settlement - in real life)

“You’re not an asshole Mark, you’re just trying so hard to be”