The iPhone Generation

My almost 3 year old niece and 5 month old nephew came over today for dinner again, which was always the highlight of my week.

So usually, I’ll be playing with her some of the toys I bought for her, which includes a laughing hammer that I found recently on my trip to Giant Hypermart at Tampines.

After playing for a while, she took my brother-in-law’s iPhone to show it to me. She then proceeded on to navigate through the various screens, able to recognize and click on her games folder, and go on to describe and demonstrate her different iPhone games to me.

I thought it was bloody amazing watching a 2+ year old kid intuitively knows how to navigate an electronic device as well as interact with it, without much guidance or help. Mind you, she doesn’t even know how to write proper alphabets or even enunciate words clearly.

I was blown away. Firstly, by the fact that Apple has designed something that even toddlers are able to play, interact and enjoy with, but even more so on the impact that these technologies might have on future generations.

This is the generation that will grow up with information at their fingertips. A generation that is no longer bound to the physical world, but able to reach out to anyone and everyone on the global level.

My generation grew up in between the information age. We’ve seen the transition to the Internet age and are able to harness the power of information and socialization unlike our parents. And today, we’re already reshaping and redefining how the world and society works. In government, in arts and in science.

Can you imagine how the world is going to look like 20 years from now, when these internet/globalized kids grow up?

I hope I’ll still be around to see the world then, because boy, it is sure going to be exciting.