My Manifesto

There’s lots of talk lately in political circles here in Singapore about manifestos, now that the general election feels increasingly close [citation needed].

I’m launching my personal manifesto for the year. This will be a set of beliefs and values that I adhere to and is currently shaping the way I think.

On political ideology
Being still a student of the world, I believe in a mixed mashup of various political school of thoughts which would make it hard for me to find a true representation of my beliefs. But if I really have to choose, I think the school of social liberalism is the closest to my ideology. [link o wiki article on social liberalism].

In a nutshell,

Social Liberalism is the belief that liberalism should include social justice. It differs from classical liberalism in that it recognizes a legitimate role for government in addressing economic and social issues such as unemployment, health care, and education while simultaneously expanding civil rights. Under social liberalism, the good of the community is viewed as harmonious with the freedom of the individual

On Electronic Freedom
My stand on this is that everyone should have the freedom to express whatever they want online without fear or prejudice. No single government/organization should have the right to dictate what can be posted or shared online.

I also firmly believe that no entity has the right to invade one’s privacy even in the online world.

On Intellectual Property Laws
I am in full support of the idea that peopleIP Laws, like patents and copyrights

On the economy
I’m a strong believer for minimum wage